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    [Answered] PS3 OFW 4.11 help installing CFW on it?

    I know this probably has been asked a ton but every place says something different about if you can install CFW on 4.11 OFW. If I can't and need to downgrade should I buy the USB for it or make my own? All I want to do is play back-up games on it. It is the old 80G one and doesn't even have Wifi.

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    No you can't install CFW on 4.11 OFW without a hardware flasher such as progskeet or e3 flasher. The downgrade dongles are pretty cheap anymore.

    All PS3 have wifi. Yours just must not be working.

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    Not all ps3s have wifi. The 20gb phat didn't have it when they first came out. The 60gb did but the 20 did not. And there are people that will downgrade it for you if you dont want to go through the trouble. Look in the for sale are for these people. Thanks