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    [Answered] PS3 as a media server help?

    Since now my ps3 is fully loaded (2tb internal + 2tb external) it has far surpassed all my pc's storage combined.

    I would like the PS3 to be the media server. feed my pc's + wii all the media it can handle.

    Anyone know of any homebrew that can manage this?

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    The only way i can think of is if you install linux!

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    you can use PS3 Mediaserver and stream from your PC

    Or use Multiman and FTP the files (avi,mp4,mp3 etc..) to any folder on dev_hdd0/FILES/ then use Multiman's file manager to copy them into PS3_HOME/Videos. Then they are on XMB
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    there's no homebrew at the minute that lets the PS3 share to other devices, it could be accomplished through linux, but the you'd have to be permanently in linux. For a homebrew app to grant that sort of ability to the PS3 it would have to either be deeply embedded into the firmware or always running and unable to run anything else. So I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.