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    [Answered] PS3 Jailbreaking questions help?

    I'm getting a ps3 but I don't know what to get if I should get a 12 gb super slim or a 500 gb super slim or a 360 gb slim 12 gb is the cheapest then 460 and then 500 is 12 gb enough? What are the differences between the slim and super slim?

    Btw I'm planning on jailbreaking I really don't know what to get! Help!!

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    Buy a used ps3 (slim or fat), that's able to be downgraded to 3.55. This means the base firmware should be 3.55 or lower. If the ps3 comes preinstalled with a firmware higher than 3.55 you won't be able to downgrade and jailbreak.

    Also, Super Slim is definitely not a option for jailbreaking at this time.