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    [Answered] PS3 Homebrew development help

    Ok, now that these chips are almost available. What do I need to be able to develop PS3 Homebrew.

    What development kits are available and any sample code. Where can I download from.

    I'd like to get started but have no idea how to and with the introduction of these new jailbreak chips now seems like the ideal time.

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    You need the PS3 SDK. It's floating around the net.

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    I know your probably just trying to reference to the OP what an sdk is or what to look for, but that does link to a useless version of the sdk that's floating round (no compiler etc).

    However you are right, that the ps3 sdk is required but it is very hard to come by, unless someone here has a copy they would upload?

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    i just hope someone makes a working version of XBMC with this and i'll be ever so happy!

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    Demon Hades is going to publicly leak the SDK (full version). check out his website to get a hold of it. And after that its just a case of programming with that language C++ but I'm sure you already know that