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    [UnAnswered] ps3 has less than 500mb bug?

    Hi all,

    I'm running on e3 card reader with hermes v4b. i cannot seem to save any game anymore, the ps3 always prompts that there's not enough space in the hdd. i deleted 10gb worth of game data/demos from the int hdd, but it says the same thing.

    when i check the system information, it says 0/74gb.

    any ideas? latest game i tried to play was LBP2.


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    try ftp into the ps3's drive and see if the files have actually been deleted, if they have use the recovery menu to rebuild the database.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    ... use the recovery menu to rebuild the database.
    ^^ This is a "defrag" and "empty recycle bin" for the PS3. This will release your space.

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    Use fixed 3.41 instead of normal 3.41. Normal 3.41 has a bug to show the HDD space.

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    If you use "Rebuild Database" you delete your folders and playlists. Use "Restore file system" as thats keeps everything intact. It's like a scandisk. It checks for errors and fixes them if any found. If its not registering the correct free space use this and it should fix it.

    If it doesn't then yes, do a "Rebuild Database" but it will delete all folders and playlists. Games, saves, music, etc are all still there, just not in folders/playlists anymore.