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    [UnAnswered] PS3 DLC question?

    I read a Tutorial how to get Demo's from PSN trough Proxy’s so you get the link trough the proxy and download it than to PC/PS3

    Isn't that a way to get DLC wouldn't it be possible to get the link to the DLC also and download it to PC and use it on PC/PS3 or sniff the pkg during the download with a PC?

    So the pkg will not be encrypted?
    Isn’t there an also Tutorial how to decrypt a PS3 HDD or do remember it wrong???

    Thx a lot guys

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    well the problem is now how to sniff a dlc, as i guess you need to get it from psn,

    might be decrypted but it will still install on retail ps3, but i have no idea if dlc works tbh, havent read anything anywhere about it. What do you mean decrypt ps3 HDD? dont think you can thru pc but u can read it of the FTP, dont get youre point.

    hope it helps

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    Sniffing the PKG files during the download is practically useless - it is NOT being decrypted during transfer / download. And you still need to authenticate it on your account via PSN so there are at least two hurdles ahead of everybody trying to get DLCs in "alternative" way ...