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    [Answered] PS3 Debug HDD not recognized on PC help?

    Hey guys,

    till today i was creating my debug patches and debug games on my laptop. everything worked fine, but the space was restricted so i decided to do it in the future on my pc.

    i was able to create the game patches and also able to create everything in ps3gen but my pc doesn't show the PS3 formatted HDD in the Build Windows of ps3gen.

    Can someone help me? i don't really know what the problem could be. I tested the HDD on my laptop again and he recognized the hdd instant. i hope someone know what to do.


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    Run ps3gen with admin privileges. Problem is when you run it with admin (I'm assuming your on Vista/7 64bit?) you can't fill in some of the generator functions before you write to the hd. Sooo, run it first without admin, make the disc, don't burn/write/generate and save the layout. Now, run it with admin, load up the saved file, and then burn/transfer to the hd. This is the only way it works on Win7 64bit.

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    Hi, I had a 1TB External HDD , I had 2 partions in it : fat32 & NTFS. I format it using PS3 debug, I think the fat32 was formatted only, but now the PC doesn't recognize HDD, I had a lot of information in it.

    What do I do now to open ntfs partion ?

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    You just wiped your data if you formatted it to a PS3 Debug BDEMU HDD.

    Use a data recovery program to get your stuff back.