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    [Answered] PS3 debug games on ps3 retail with bluray broken


    i have a ps3 with blueray broken, i would know if with this method can i play without blueray disc insert into ps3:

    1) take a game from a ps3 jailbreak
    2) take the fake self of this game created for debug ps3 unit
    3) change dev_bdrom in dev_hd0 like the guide for run retail game on debug unit
    4) change the retail self with the self create from debug unit

    is it possibile?

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    i think no, not sure tho. but AFAIK the reason for the disc in bd is to emulate the start process, hopefully there will be ways around it soon

    Why don't you test?

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    Correct, not possible as a disc is currently required for authentication... this has been answered before also if you searched.