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    [Answered] PS3 Data Transfer Question?

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me something about the data transfer on the PS3s I have 2 PS3s, one PHAT & one SLIM, and I was wondering can I clone the PHAT onto the SLIM.

    The SLIM is on 3.41 JB so I can't go on PSN and the PHAT is on 3.55 OFW.

    The only reason for cloning the old console is because it has a lot of rockband tracks on it

    Any ideas??

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    i've transferrd game data from a jb 3.41 slim to a phat 3.55 via LAN cable works fine dont know if it will tranfer your songs though woth a go though. just remeber that you will loose everything on the phat ps3 you are transfering the data to (the HDD is formated during the transfer process) so remember to back it up FIRST!!! hope this was helpful msg me if you get stuck.