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    [UnAnswered] PS3 Backups question

    Hello people. I am new in this forum, and I search and didn't see any information about this.

    I bought a PS3 yesterday and I want know if exist some way to play backups in PS3. This is already possible? How?

    Thanks for your time.

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    No it is not possible check back at a later time!

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    I have an idea how to run PS3 backups. Here is what we need:

    1) Original game (for example GTA4)
    2) PARAM.SFO from GTA4 disc
    3) Backup image of game you want to play
    4) Bluray burner, BD-R

    First we need rebuild backup iso, go to PS3_GAME dir, and replace original PARAM.SFO with gta's one, so now you have backup image with GTA4 PARAM.SFO
    Second, burn this new image on BD-R
    Third, insert original game in your PS3, disc will recognized, now open your console and swap original with burned backup.
    Run the game.

    PS3 check PARAM.SFO, recognised it, and game will run.

    Its theory of course, DEVs what do you think about this method?

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    i doubt it will work because some where inbetween u need to sign the blu-ray to work as a ps3 game and i dont think we have a program to burn blu-ray ps3 images like dvd decrypter.

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    if your backup iso has PARAM.SFO already in the image then its the same as the one on a real disc.. so there would be no point replace PARAM.SFO iso with original disc gta's they both the same arent they?

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    I will try at the night, right now i'm working.., my PS3 is right now open in my house..

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    wont work... the game discs generally have two or more encryptions on them.

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    Is there not a dump utility to allow you to create playable game dumps and even dump blu-ray movies?

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    Unfortunately, there is no way to run PS3 backups yet on a retail PS3 console.