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    [Answered] PS3 Back up, Transfer and Restore help?


    My sibling has a ps3 slim and I was debating on getting my own as he doesn't like to share often. We have made purchases on 3 different psn accounts and I would like to get them on my ps3 and also leave them on his.

    Here is the scenario: Would it work if I backed up his ps3 to an external hdd, used the transfer utility to transfer his data to my ps3, and then restore his ps3 with the back up that was made?

    Would both ps3s have the exact same files or is this not possible?

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    Should work, at worst, the PSN content like games etc, you may have to re-download them onto your new ps3 or it may just let you re-activate it to that console.
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    Watch out for the Trophy conflicts on PSN, some games may reset to 0%.