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    [Answered] PS3 320gb Move bundle buyers help!

    I don't have a PS3 SLIM but am thinking of buying the MOVE bundle. i don't know where on the packaging box the firmware is mentioned can anybody please take a high res photo and post it here so when i go to check nextime, i can check it out also if not much of a problem, please post high-res pics of all sides of the MOVE bundle packaging box.

    i have also heard there are is a box inside the exterior box,please post pics of that too if different.

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    As far as i know they do not display what firmware it is on the box but most likely it will have 3.42+. I may be mistaken but i don't think Sony are going to be distributing PS3s with 3.41 as it would be a stupid move.

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    It should come with 3.40, it is confirmed in the forums.

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    There are still many in stock with FW 3.41 or lower. try to buy by your local shop.

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    i bought one today. 24/09/2010 and they got the move bundle IN yesterday.. it has firmware 3.40, and they mentioned most of the move bundles do.

    EURO zone here.

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    It is confirmed from multiple sources that 320 GB Move Bundles are with FW 3.40 and no - it's not foolish. You can't take back all the stock made months prior release of the new FWs - that's how the distribution from manufacturer to local distrubutors and reselers simply works.

    For example the Modnation Racers 250 GB Bundle is sold with FW 3.30 and so on. You'd hardly get at the moment any PS3 in stock with 3.42 not even mentioning 3.50. It's simply logisticly impossible to manage that in only aroud 3 or 4 weeks