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    Confused [Answered] PS3 3.56 OFW stuck in FSM help?

    hey guys i have ps3 slim CECH-2008A, its stuck in service mode 3.56 for years. Finally have an E3 to get it work/play games on it as there was no Lv2diag.self file released to kick it out of the FSM.

    now that i have got it i am a total noob at this. I need a tutorial or step by step guidance to make my console work again! i have been using it as a DVD player for 2 years

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    Hello there! ... I have no answer about a tutorial or something like that... but maybe you can find something useful in this thread:

    or ask directly to racer0018


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    Did you look at this thread if you have 3.56 and e3:

    Now the only thing is seeing your stuck in FSM I am not sure what steps or if any you can take to get out of it.