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    Smile [Answered] PS3 3.55 CFW playing 4.21 game help?

    i'm kinda new here and with ps3 too.. no my console have cfw 3.55.. i was trying to play 4.21 game... is it eboot fix can make me play on 3.55?

    or i do need upgrade to cfw 4.30? help me i'm new here... and so sorry for bad english!

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    You can use an eboot fix to play the game on 3.55, put it would be a pain to keep looking for fixes for games and game updates. It would be much better if you update to 4.xx CFW.

    Just install Rebug 4.41.2 from XMB on top of your 3.55 CFW by following this guide:

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    As Above... You are better off upgrading to 4.x CFW like Rebug above...

    With 3.55 you will need to search for 3.55 eboot fixes for most games you probably want to play...

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    Honestly CFW 3.55 is a thing of the past. Update to Rogero 4.40 v1.03.