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    [Answered] PS3 3.41 to latest firmware help?

    Hello- I was very into the jailbreak scene when it first started. I had several dongles and had success. I have not used my PS3 in a long time but wanted to get back into it.

    Current situation:
    PS3 Jailbreak Dongle 3.41

    First question: What is the current jailbreak?
    Second question: What steps do I need to follow to get to the latest version?

    Any risks or advice is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    The current jailbreak firmware is 3.55. What most people usually do is switch to OFW first, such as OFW 3.41, and then uprade to 3.55, preferably thought he recovery menu. After you get to 3.55, you'll have to upgrade to a 3.55 cfw or a higher cfw.

    Sections I recommend are:

    Hope it helps