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Thread: Ps2 - Ps3

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    Question [UnAnswered] Ps2 - Ps3

    Hey im a noob to PS3 but had my PS2 running like a gem. I was wondering if you could use HD Loader instead of Swap Magic to get backups to run off the HDD like I did on my PS2?

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    You didn't specify which kind of backups (PS2, PS3 ) you are asking about getting running on the PS3 from the HDD... to answer though:

    If you mean PS3 backups, there is no way currently on retail PS3 consoles (only Debug units).

    If you mean PS2 backups, you can only run them via disc swaps (when the PS3 first came out HDL/HDA/USBE were tested HERE)... and there is no way to run them from the PS3 HDD yet. Here are some threads on the swap methods if you are interested: