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    [UnAnswered] Ps1 Refresh rate problem?

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    I felt like playing some Ps1 games on my brand new PS3 and popped in Chrono Cross...To my astonishment when I loaded it up fully, it looked awfull. The screen shook so much I felt like I would somehow have a seizure...I'm guessing this is software based on Sony's part, but I thought I read the Ps3 uses the PS2's chip to emulate PS1 and Ps2 Software...So is anyone else having this problem? BTW I'm using Standard A/V cables and have tried this with multiple games including FF7.

    -Thanks in advance!

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    Sony has a listing of the most current compatible games for the ps3. its on their website. they update compability usually with each update.

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    I think it is a compatability issue. I played the original Socom with no problems. When I put DDR Extreme 2 in, the screen was shifted to the right but loaded properly. I really haven't tried any other games.

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    It just seems like the screen shakes with all ps1 games. It's not compatibility problems with the games themselves. I think it may be a problem with them using the ps2/ps1 chip in the ps3, but since I heard they were making emulation software so they didn't have to use the chips, I'm hoping they can solve the problem.

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