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    [Answered] PS Jailbreak/Groove on FW 3.40 and Below?

    Hello all!

    I own more than one PS3, and as long as downgrading is impossible, I'd like to keep the firmwares as low as possible (still got Other OS on one old PS3). I recently bought a new Slim which came with 3.40 preinstalled.

    Has anyone tested Jailbreak on 3.40? Can it be modified to work (or are there any chances it will be)? Has anyone actually tested it on 3.40?

    Thank you.

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    Hi !

    The PS Jailbreak only works with Firmware 3.41.

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    Correct, PSGroove is being worked on to support all Firmware versions, however, nothing has materialized yet but when it does we'll be sure to post on it in the Site News.