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    [Answered] PlayStation MotherBoard Blu ray Drive insert help?

    I was recently working on my PS3 GB today and after finally getting the Blu ray Drive married to it, I put the system back together and was going to update when I wanted to eject the disc inside the Drive, It would not come out. So i opened it again and unplugged and re plugged the ribbon cable, the clip broke off.

    I managed to be able to keep the ribbon cable clip on this entire time and it worked. My question is the Following, I think i may have damaged the Ribbon Cable Insert on the Motherboard, I have a spare PS, Is there anyway I could fix this? And BTW, this PS is on 2.30.

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    I don't think that it is the ribbon cable. On the top case of your driver will sit the mechanism which holds and spins the disk. The correct position is a little bit tricky. Means if you just put all together your drive will not work in case of the slot in mechanism isn't placed correctly and cant put out the disk.

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    if its reading discs the ribbon cable is fine. If its only an eject issue it's most likely an issue with the mechanical parts inside the drive or if it makes no attempt to eject the disc (blue flashing light or no beeping with no disc in) it could be your eject button is broken/misaligned try ejecting from the software (PS Menu).

    As for fixing the clip, if the other PS3 is the same model the lid for the clip should fit, it just connects on a hinge. you can swap them over easily enough. If the socket part of the clip has broken off your best bet would be to take the socket off the spare PS3, connect it to the end of the ribbon cable and solder the individual pins on the bottom of the socket to the connections on the board where the old clip was with short lengths of wire. Like individual wires from an old IDE ribbon cable.

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    sorry this is off topic.. yey barryk is back!!

    wondered if you were ok mate..

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    I don't know if you can replace the little clip that holds the flex-cable in place, but I've replaced the entire 60-pin ffc connector on the mobo. It's not an easy task though. I would only attempt it if you have a very good soldering iron and a magnifier.