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    [Answered] playing games on PSN without jb active?

    i've successfully jb my ps3 fat version. my question is, can i still play retail disc games i have on PSN without being on the latest fw 4.5?

    ie: can i play super street figher 4 on PSN while still on fw 3.41 so i dont loose the ability to jb?

    sorry for the noob question... but TIA

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    i belive you need to be @ 3.5+ to be online or play online, so that means you will loose the ability to JB..

    But some have managed to trick PSN into thinking we are on 3.5 when were not

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    Unfortunatly this is not possible, if you want a system to be jailbroken, you need 3.41 as your firmware. to be on psn you need a higher firmware then 3.41 so even if the dongle is not inserted and you wanted to go onto PSN you are FORCED to update your system to a firmware that is not suppported by the jailbreak device hence losing the abillity to jailbreak it, if you want to have the best of both worlds, just go out and buy a secound system to play online, that is the best I can tell you