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    [UnAnswered] nvidia

    Having been watching the scene for some time, mainly awaiting price drops due to cheaper manufacturing since the cell processor reduced in die size. My view is ahead to when the geforce 8800gtx is replaced by the cell gpu. What I want to know is, in terms of performance, will there be any difference?

    What are the arguments for or against either product? Should I be basing my purchasing decision on which of these GPU's is in a sku I decide to purchase? Looking forward to any discussion.

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    I believe it will be a long time till we see something like the RSX from the ps3 be put into a computer. From what I have read it works in the ps3 because the cell B.E. can pump out loads of data at a time and the RSX can keep up with this data transfer rate.

    I believe that the closest thing to being able to use something like the RSX is an overclocked quadcore but we still have a long way to go. You still should be able to get ps3 like graphics from a tri or quad sli setup. The other thing engineers have to look at besides clock rate is just how many shader operations the GPU can do at a time. The more shader operations it can do the more powerful the GPU is. I hope you get what I mean.