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    Question [Answered] NFS Shift 2 and Disney Universe black screen help?

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to run Need for Speed Shift 2 and Disney Universe on 3.55 firmware. Started with multiman, but just got a black screen.

    Anyone a solution?

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    you need to replace eboot file with patched eboot for 3.55

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    Disney Universe doesn't work. There is no Fixed Eboot yet.

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    Disney Universe is a 3.60+ game so it won't work on 3.55 CFW as of yet (like mentioned above).

    Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleased should work on 3.55 CFW with mutliMAN and Select + X and an Eboot.bin fix.

    Here it the Eboot.bin fix (below), make sure to replace the original Eboot.bin file with this one. You can also use EbootMOD/Fix ( fix 3.56 games.

    3.55/3.41 Eboot fix by MOTE for the BLUS30580 version of game -