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    [Answered] Newbie Question - What Makes PS3 Different?

    Hi all ! ,

    I am a newbie as you can see in ps3news website.

    I was wondering what makes the ps3 different from the other gaming console, i mean Wii has been hacked you can even play backup without modchip, xbox360 has also been hacked... Wii has been hacked throught a save game (buffer overflow) and with modchips welded to another modchip, xbox. . . u know it already

    what is the main problem industrial, modchips manufactuer, teams... encounter with ps3 : encryption, xmb, BR-drive, Ps3's system file, no modchip badly welded ? ? ?

    thanks for answering

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    personally i think its the security of the cell architecture ...providing such things as the hypervisor etc...

    there are others who i think would be more qualified to answer this though..

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    Lots of new things...

    I think its taking all this time because ps3 has new things otherts dont, like blueray and cell processor with lots of extra funcitions that are not usual for most programmers.

    About the firmware I dont know what rool it have on the protection system, xbox 360 only uses dvd drive protection... Microsoft use this "simple" system for their own benefit, most of the people that I know that have xbox 360 only are interested in free gaming.

    PS3 it's a very powerful multimedia entertainment system that can be used to play games iqual or better then eny other system today. When someone hacks it, all other toys arround will fall like rocks. (sorry for some wrong typing... i'm portuguese)