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    Red Face [Answered] A newb that needs ps3 help...

    I know no one can post the modules for ps2 to play elfs on the ps3. But that's the only thing I'm missing. I've been trying to use swapmagic to play programs on the ps3 forever. If someone can point me in the right direction, I'd thank you.

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    It sounds like you are seeking to use Swap Magic to launch PS2 ELF files... if so, just make a folder called "SWAPMAGIC" (without quotation marks) on your USB stick/pendrive and rename your PS2 ELF file as follows to launch it with Swap Magic 3.6+ disc:

    SMBOOT0.ELF = (Press Up + L1 to launch if named this)
    SMBOOT1.ELF = (Press Up + L2 to launch if named this)
    SMBOOT2.ELF = (Press Up + R1 to launch if named this)
    SMBOOT3.ELF = (Press Up + R2 to launch if named this)

    So if your PS2 ELF was originally called "Demo.ELF" then you would rename it to "SMBOOT0.ELF" and trigger it via pressing Up + L1.