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    [UnAnswered] Netflix PS3 dilema help?

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    Does anyone know if it's possible to fiddle around with the Netflix app to spoof it into thinking your on the latest FW I very much enjoy Netflix, but since I'm still on 3.55 it's a no-go

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    I'm on 3.55 Wutangrza(sp) CFW and my netflix works. I can access PSN via the DNS trick.

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    Wait, DNS trick still works?

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    yup works for about 4 more days. After that no more PSN or netflix

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    Care to enlighten me as to what the trick is? And what's happening in 4 days!

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    It's the proxy bypass methods if you didn't know. Thanks PS3haze, I used a proxy to get on two days ago but figured it would have been blocked by now and hadn't tried it.

    Need to redeem my Dead Space Ignition code, but thought I was out of luck by now.

    Going to give it a shot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cevapi View Post
    And what's happening in 4 days!
    For some unknown reason after every firmware release the bypass method / proxy (check the link posted by Zentsuken) works for a week or so, then Sony blocks it and stops working...

    Stupid Netflix should not force you to logon to PSN to be able to watch movies...

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