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    [UnAnswered] Need Help With PsGroove Rockbox Port

    I have a sansa fuze v2 player with rockbox installed on it. How would i go by installing psgroove on it? I been looking everywhere and trying everything but with no luck. Can anybody help me or give me help on how too get it ported and working on fuze v2? Any help would be appreciated

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    There are several guides in this thread you might want to peek at:

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    This what you need to do if you already installed Rockbox

    Extract the attached zip file into the root of your Sansa and let it overwrite any newer files.

    Disconnect and restart your Sansa.

    Once your Sansa is re-booted into the new Rockbox:

    Turn off the back Power switch or Disconnect PS3.
    Connect the Sansa via USB to your PS3. (make sure it's the only thing connected)
    Turn the Power switch back.
    Press the touch sensitive Power Button and then Eject immediately after.
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