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    [Answered] Need Help with PS3 Savegames


    I have bought a new PS3 slim and have an old PS3 Fat. Is there any way to transfer even locked save games from one to the other PS3?? Perhaps connect the HDD’s to a PC decrypt and transfer the saves?? But I don’t know how to do or even if it is possible.

    The PS3 transfer Utility doesn’t work it only copies free saves. Thx a lot for your help.

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    If you have jailbreaked ur ps3 with psjailbreak/psgroove you can use ps3 ftp app from here...

    Then you can transfer anything you want from hdd and if this helped you plz give me a +rep by click on green button and then by choosing i approve.

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    In the XMB is an option for the copy from one PS3 to an other via the Ethernet cable.