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    [UnAnswered] mp4 playable on ps3?

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    How do I play an MP4 file from a CD or DVD on my ps3? I burnt the Mp4 file onto a CD and put it into my Ps3 but it's not playable. I see a CD icon under the CD icon and it just says Data CD OR something like that but it's not playable? I used Nero to burn it. What options do I need to select in order to make this playable on my ps3 in nero?

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    I use nero 7 and I'm able to play mp4 files on my Ps3 v1.6 however I am able to say I few times it would not work on some moves and others it would so just keep trying alot of my movies are P2P so I just open convert and copy

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    I'm using Nero 6 and Ps3 v1.6. I'm converting with Red Kawa / Ps3 video 9. I converted an AVI xvid 30 minute movie in about 20 minutes to mp4.. I tried to burn it to cd twice once as audio cd and the other time was just CD Rom (ISO) both CD's do not play video. The audio one actually played the audio but no video.. I tried to create a VCD but the burn option is greyed out even when I tried nero express the burn option is greyed out and not an available option. What options do you select when burning a CD or DVD in Nero for MP4 files?

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    first step is to get the correct format for MP4, then once you do that (or if you have already), press triangle on the CD icon and select the "see all files / folders" option, whatever its called.... i had a similar problem when i tried to get video off my memory stick and it wouldn't see any video files - when i select the option to view the folders, i can go into which folder and then copy the videos to the PS3 hard drive....

    good luck!

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    I'm using PS3 Video Converter, i get 720p videos and they stay 720p with less than 2GB, take more than 8h to convert a 4.4GB 720p VIDEO. I then use my 2.5" disk with FAT32 format to see them there or i use a DVD±R.

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