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    I do not see any point it has to be where it has to be other wise it will NOT work , only thing can be done is custom icon. If it's bothering you that much install rogero hybrid and run iso PS2 from HDD no need for placeholder

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    this is the xml entry that you have to use, to only let ps2 classic games show up in a specific place. you could modify any categories gamefolder and replace its entry with this. the problem is, if you only want to let it show up there, you have to edit category_game xml, cause it will show ps2classics, too. but this will break album function in game category
    <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="install_2p" attr="install_2p" src="xcb://localhost/query?sort=+Game:Common.titleForSort&cond=Ae+Game:Game.category 2P"/>
    credits to aldostools and his xmbm+ edits.

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    thanks so much this is great. with this string i can get it to show up in any category i want to. that's already something

    but like you said there is still the little problem of the ps2classics still showing in the game category. i edited the category_game.xml to get rid of it and it's not there anymore. no problem.

    but of course there is another problem. it's gone along with it all the other game data shown in the game category... since you obviously can only let it show all game data or none so i guess i am back to square one
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    Well now with the new USB cfw you can use this to play PS2 games as well as ps1 and PSP.


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