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    [Answered] Modding PS3 Motherboard help?

    Does anyone think it is possible to mod the ps3s motherboard? Tell me if i'm wrong or not but cant you mod the xbox motherboard? I was thinking maybe put a jailbreak chip in the motherboard? This definitely can be done and people that know what there doing (unlike me) need to try to do something like this because if your not on 3.55FW or lower then you cant mod/hack.

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    I'm still on 3.55, is this worth keeping? you can't get back to this after you go higher?

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    Yes you can go back, as long as you've QA toggled your PS3 on 3.55, and then installed something like Rebug or Rogero 4.30, then it's possible to revert back to 3.55 if you ever wanted to.