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    [UnAnswered] MKV files in Test Drive Unlimited 2 help?

    Hi, i was just messing around with files from Test Drive 2 disc and i discovered mkv videos there, so they accually got it working in game, it works in vlc as well, do you think it could be possible to reverse the code and figure out how its working? Just a n00b qestion...

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    you could try a small mkv tv file.

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    well the question is not if it's possible! it's a question when it's done!? reverse is prohibited by the license agreement - so there are other possibilities to get mkv support to ps3 - like ntfs support has been done :-)

    just wait until some great guy get's the point and sony:

    don't even think about any lawsuit - guess we're the guys who buy your next ps4 - or not? muhaha..