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    [Answered] MKV files on the PS3?


    is it possible to play .MKV-files on the PS3? What do you need to play this format (without converting with streaming etc.)?

    Could an UNIX based OS be a solution for playback? Fedora etc.?


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    You'll find what you're looking for here:

    btw yes i'm sure there are linux equivalents to all the process that will work on fedora core.
    btw fedora = linux
    linux not = unix
    linux = unix-like

    if you're really serious about getting this running on fedora core let me know, i'll see what i can do for you whether you're refering to playing the mkv's via linux installed on the ps3 or making them ps3 playable on a normal pc via fedora core.

    hmm that actually sounds like a good tut, i think i'll do it when i get time, if u need it though, i'll make an effort to get it done faster
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