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    [Answered] MGS4 4 episode doesn't load on jailbroken ps3?


    I have never played MGS4, and now that I bought it, I cant play the 4 episode. I've alredy jailbroken my ps3, but, Is there a way to play it?

    It suppose to simulate the ps1 level, in shadow moses. How can I jump that emulation? I heard that it's nessesary to load a previous game in that level, but as I said, I've never played it before.

    If there is no way. Can anybody lend me their save data in that episode? (If It's possible)

    Thanks any help.

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    Here is a helpful guide by PS3News member OGroteKoning.

    How to solve Metal Gear Solid 4 Act 4 PS3 JailBreak issues