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    [Answered] Maximum HD capacity on PS3 slim help?

    hello all PS3 fellows, now with this question: I'm planning to replace current 160GB HD on my PS3 slim and I wanted to know up to what size you can put into the PS3.

    Thanks so much in advance

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    Max HDD Space will be 1 TB Modell :Samsung SpinPoint M8 HN-M101MBB it is the only real 2,5'' HDD I know of. All other 2,5'' HDD's with 1 TB or bigger are too fat for the PS3 slot

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    i've got a 640GB hdd in my 160GB i think you can put up to 2tb in it. you may wanna get a hdd extender that allows you to use a 3.5" hdd and then you get some extra usbs also.. is it for jb or ofw.. if its for ofw 500gb will probably be enough,..

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    As mentioned earlier some of them are too fat to fit into the PS3 slot despite having the measurement of 2.5". Whatever you want to use should work so long as it's standard sized so it fits.

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    Yes. This ^^ is your answer. 2.5" disks currently come in 9.5mm and 12.5mm thicknesses as far as I know. You can get any capacity as long as it is the 9.5mm thickness.