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    [Answered] Lost my internal games help?

    Okay so I installed the OM 2.1 from the original Backup Manager. Now I clicked yes to installing the (forget exactly what it says after first install) folder now i can't see any of my internal games and my GAMEZ directory is empty... did i just lose all my internal games?

    I do have them all backed up on my external for just this issue. How do I move a split game to the internal drive and have it be playable?

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    You can search other known folders (with multiMAN, Blackbox FTP, Comgenie, etc) to see if your backups are there. If it is, then point OM to the relevant folders. (I think it gives you an option to select the folder where your games are). If your backups are not there, then unfortunately you have lost them and must copy from your external HDD.

    You can use OM to copy the games from the external HDD - it should automatically join the slpit files. If it doesnt, use multiMAN or GAIA to move it back from ext HDD. I know they join the files.