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    [Answered] Jailbreaking 3.72 PS3 help?


    sorry for asking this question, but i cant fint another thread answering it. i am new at this. i have a ps3 running firmware 3.72 and want to jailbreak it so that i can copy my games to the ps3 harddisk.

    is it possible to jailbreak firmware version 3.72? if its, what do i need to download? (is there a guide somewhere).


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    1. Run MinCheckVer app on ps3 to know the minimal version of FW, that your ps3's MB supports.
    2. If the minimal version <= 3.55, you need a progskeet or E3 or another hardware flasher, which you have to solder to downgrade to 3.55
    3. After downgrade to OFW 3.55, install CFW 3.55 of your choice

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    Also be warned, you should know what you are doing because if you're like me, my ps3 is now just a paperweight in our house and was forced to just buy an already jailbroken ps3. In fact, I bought two just in case I might do something stupid again. So again, just be careful of what you're doing 'coz regret always comes at the end, friend.

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    jackalexander how did you brick the last one? Just wondering because some people think they have created a paperweight, when it really is still fixable.

    What are the symptoms and how did you try to downgrade, e3 or progskeet or what?