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    [Answered] JailBreak the ps3 with a boardemulator on pc possible?

    Hey Guys,

    because i see the prices for board getting higher and higher im thinking about a cheaper solution. one got in my mind today when i worked on university. we use the pc to copy files to the boards, to use them on our ps3. would it be also possible to create an emulator for pc who do the same thing as the atm90usbxxx?

    there are several emulators i'll work with for my assembler study. so could it be possible to use them also to jailbreak?


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    I believe this was discussed a while earlier and the answer to that question is "No." In order to make the USB port of a PC or laptop substitute as a viable solution would take (I believe) intensive modifying (or something of the sort)... Or I think that's what I read.

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    Can you not buy a pc slave usb card?

    Is there not such a thing, there is everything else out there for all these types of things.

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    No, you can't use pc usb port to jailbreak ps3.. pc port are host, and this makes impossible to send data to ps3.. do not connect pc and ps3, because both usb ports are 5V fed, and so you risk to burn the usb controller.. probably a pci card could make the joke.. but then, why don't you buy an atmel with microcontroller?

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    Short answer: You can't
    Long Answer: You can but it would require modifying the USB Controllers to act like a slave device instead of host device. It is unpractical and you can mess up your controller forever!

    Try to get the Golden AVR, its a usb-board based on AT90USB162, it ships to Europe only!

    Good Luck!