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    [Answered] Internal HDD upgrade, forced fw update?

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    I ordered a ps3 hdd extender and a 2TB external drive. I know that once I switch the drives out the ps3 will have to format the new drive. I'm pretty sure the fw is stored on the NAND but im concerned that after its done formatting or before, it might ask me to upgrade the firmware.

    can anyone confirm or deny this? has anyone tried this before. I upgraded the original 60Gb drive to a 120gb a few years back but cannot remember if i had to upgrade the firmware.
    Best Answer - Posted by costocart:

    open up the hard plastic case and disconnect the usb/power adapter...you will see a sata port.
    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    has the original question been answered yet?
    i guess the answer to that is YES.
    Quote Originally Posted by hawk188 View Post
    Also, no it won't ask to update your firmware. Hope this helps..

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    I don't think the PS3 can handle HDDs above 2 TB. So be careful with it. The Firmware isn't on the HDD so you will have the same Firmware than before changing the HDDs.

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    yeah i hadn't heard of anyone trying a 2tb but i just couldnt justify not paying the extra $20 and getting the extra 500Gb. i had to try it. I know the firmware will be the same was just wondering is if part of the hdd swap out process requires you to update. I doubt it does but you never know with Sony. I wouldn't think you would be required to be logged into the psn to play a netflix movie either but you do...

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    I can't tell you if you must signed up on PSN to enter Netflix, thats not my region. But I'm very sure the PS3 can handle HDDs just to 1 TB. Another point is, if bigger the HDD is, if bigger is the space you loose while you convert to FAT32.

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    I don't think you understand what I'm doing. I won't be formatting it to FAT. It will essentially be an internal hard drive as far as the ps3 is concerned.

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    Ah, I see. The PS3 will format it to EXT2 (or what the formation was, I'm not sure.) First line :

    You are bidding a new designed extender specially for PS3 using, upgrade your PS3 up to 1000G.
    I think everything bigger than 1 TB won't work, but test it if you want.

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    are you sure it will work with an external drive? if so, i may buy one so that i may also bypass the 4gb file limit.

    if i buy it, will i still be able to ftp and stuff.

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    i'm not positive as i haven't tried it yet. my 2tb drive should be delivered today so I'll post back with the results tonight. I did see on another forum that it does work (albeit with a smaller 1TB drive), and in theory it should as it is a SATA drive and just needs a connector to hook up the internal sata connection.

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    Well i ordered a 1 tb a few days ago along with a jailbreak.

    If buying an extender will allow me to save games with huge file sizes, then im gonna buy one. I just wanna be sure it'll work with an external hdd...

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    It's not FAT32, you have a higher or unlimited file size. You can FTP every HDD in or on the PS3. It's and internal-external-internal drive.


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