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    Exclamation [Answered] Installing ProgSkeet in 60GB NAND PS3 help?

    Where can I find a layout or tutorial to connect it to the 60GB CECHC02 NAND PS3? PS3 Dev Wiki doesn't have any pics or just about anything for installing it and Google isn't helping either.

    I got the progskeet only as they didn't have any solderless kits and said they dont work anyway and the best way for this is to solder it. They also said it is pre setup for NAND flashing so I'm guessing I dont have to do anything else to it except install it.

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    i saw a lay out for all the solder points.i think it was mushy or racer that posted a guide but i couldn't find it in search. i'll have another look for you:

    might be in the diagrams download.
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