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    [Answered] how to updating games?


    if i got a backup of a game and i load it with backup manager.

    the game wants me to update it, can i let it update ? i mean if i give my ps3 approve to downloads updates im putting my psn account at risk?

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    there is 2 ways, depending on the payload you have, either let it download (dont know if it affects youre psn acc, i dont have any psn account on the ps3 i jailbrake but i can still download updates, so i think the updates lies out of the psn network.

    im not completely sure but since i can without i guess it wont do anything to youre psn acc) or you can get them to ure computer and use demo installer to make compitable files and transfer them to youre ps3 via FTP (there is guides how to if you read about demo installer)

    let me know if you have any other questions or if its something you dont understand (my english isn't the best)

    There is also a download section on this forum for one for Retail and one for Debug PSN Links.
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