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    [Answered] How to move Install Package Files to another category?

    is there any way to move the "install package files" in the XMB to another top level category like network?

    i know how to move my homebrew apps to other categories by editing the SFO's but so far i couldn't find a way to re-categorize the install packages folder.

    can anyone help please?

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    Yes you can. You will need to edit the XML files that govern the icons that appear in each category. See this thread:

    Open the XML for the Game category and locate the <Query that is for the Install Package Files entry and copy it (be sure to get the closing tag />) to the same location the XML for the category you want to move it to. Be sure to delete it or comment it out from Game. I renamed my PSN category "Applications" and moved my BuM, Payload, Install Package Files, FTP Server, and SNES9X over to it. Leaving Game nice and clean. I also got rid of a number of other icons. Check the thread above for details.