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    Big Grin [Answered] How to emulate n64 on PS3?

    This isn't so much a hack as a loophole.

    For those of you who've yet to update to the firmware that removes OtherOS you'll be happy to know that all you need to do is this.

    Use the virtual PC tool, get a PC emulator tool such as Project 64 then install it on the virtual PC, get your ISOs (Like most n64 fanboys i recommend Zelda: OoT) configure your controls for the PS3 controller, boot your ISO and play... Simple, no need for a homebrew emu that has to cooperate with the PS3 software.

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    This is to play it in Linux on the ps3?

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    Rambalings from Laggmaster

    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    This is to play it in Linux on the ps3?
    he mentioned a Virtual PC so i figure you would need Linux to run your virtual pc program...

    i figure this has been posted a few times in the forums already with more detailed instructions and proper download links...