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    [Answered] How do you put Hermes v4b on a E3 dongle?

    Hi again,

    I download the psgroove Hermes V4B. I'm a bit confused. I usually just have to un-rar a file, and put it on my E3 dongle.

    Well with Hermes V4B - i un-rar it, and i get tons of files and folders. I have no idea what one to put on the dongle so i can jail break using hermes v4B.

    Any help would be great on the step after i "unrar" the hermes file.

    Thanks so much guys, i really appreciate it.

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    Download from their official page the latest file named New 2in1 firmware, support 3.55SPOOF, and simplify free psgroove usage.

    When you unrar you will get one text file and one bin file. Now just drag & drop BIN file in "E3Upgrader" drive (it appears in you computer) Wait few seconds and when E3 light Stop flashing red you are done.

    PS: you also find all manuals for E3 on their site under support section.
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    If I remember correctly, I used the AT90USB. The newer firmware requires you to name it free.hex instead of the older h.hex and so forth. I currently use the E3. Place it in the 4MB onboard drive.
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