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    Big Grin [Answered] How do I modify nfshp eboot?

    I have a 3.41fw 160gig slim.. I get the code 80010019 when I launch. Can someone please tell me exactly what I need to know to get this thing to load?? I just had my ps3 jb, and I'm totally new to all this and just became a member yesterday so please go easy on me, lol...

    Thanks in advance guys!!!

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    1. Open EBOOT.BIN in a hex editor of your preference.
    2. In EBOOT.BIN, look at the SELF control info, if you see anything resembling the game titleid, its an NPDRM SELF and this guide wont work, give up.
    3. Use readself on EBOOT.BIN to get information about the encrypted metadata sections.
    4. unself EBOOT.BIN eboot.elf
    5. Open eboot.elf in a hex editor of your preference.
    6. In eboot.elf, go to every encrypted metadata section (now decrypted), copy its data, and replace the encrypted data in EBOOT.BIN.
    7. In EBOOT.BIN, change SELF header to indicate its FSELF.
    8. In EBOOT.BIN, change SELF section headers that are marked as encrypted to say they are not encrypted.
    9. If the game is a newer SDK version (like GT5, which is 3.50), in EBOOT.BIN, find the .sys_proc_param segment and change the SDK version to something earlier, such as 3.41. This will probably cause crashes in games that actually use newer SDK features that are not available in earlier SDK versions.
    10. Save EBOOT.BIN
    11. Cross fingers, run game, hope it works.

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    Yep, basically what's posted HERE, and another guide is also available here: