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    [Answered] How do I downgrade my PS3 dump help?

    i just dumped my 4.11 ps3 using a teensy++ 2.0. My question is how do i downgrade the dump to rewrite it to the console. I tried the venix downgrade program but the file fails to write to the console.

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    First check if your PS3 is downgradable.

    There are a lot of TUT out there eg (is german):

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    after making sure you have valid dump OFW411 to patch OFW dump with 355 coreos, no need for any hassle anymore

    Grab NOR/NAND patches from
    • Open Flowrebuilder
    • Choose option: Patch a bytereversed NOR dump or an interleaved...
    • Load the ofw411.bin under "Select the input dump"
    • Load the "Progskeet_patch.txt into box "Patch file" (NOTE! for nand don't use norpatches.. recheck just in case)
    • Hit Execute operation
    • Flash back patched 355 coreos dump using Teensy ( COMx write 355mod.bin)
    • Release the NOR
    • Power down system the normal way
    • Reboot and it ask for "controller" UNPLUG power - insert FSM dongle etc...
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