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    [Answered] How can i downgrade my ps3 3.50 help?

    hello, please i need help i have a ps3 and i want to downgrade my ps3 to 3.41 i have 3.50

    i don't want the 3.50 because i have a ps3 break v1.1 its need to work with 3.41

    how can i downgrade my ps3 3.50 to 3.41 please? i need 3.41 thanks.

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    If it's not jailbroken, you won't be able to downgrade. As far as I know, at least...

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    Hold on , there is one way!

    The only way to downgrade 3.50 as of now is to buy the psjailbreak dongle for $99, this will downgrade 3.50 as many times as you want , so in theory you could buy it and downgrade 10+ of your friends ps3s aswell! charge them $10 each , $1 profit lol!

    But if you can wait a few weeks maybe more there will probably be a free method, hopefully, nothings certain but I reckon psdowngrade will be copied and then all dongles, psbreak, ps3go, p3free etc will have the same abilty. I think minimus or other third party usb dongles are the way to go, at least they are open source software and so updates are quicker.
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