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    Question [Answered] How to access PSN Store outside US?

    Hello Guys,

    I live outside the US and I cannot access movies from the US Playstation Store. I know this is based on my ISP. I can download games perfectly fine though.

    Anybody knows any tricks for this one?


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    I moved this to the PS3 Online section since this isn't a PS3 Hack... what most people here have done is simply to create a second PSN account for the region they wish to access the PSN Store in.

    A quick search came up with THIS article/video for doing it on the Japanese PSN Store, but if you search here you may be able to find some others as that one is already dated.

    It actually may not be a bad idea to search for more recent video guides on setting up PSN accounts for other regions... that is probably what I'd do if I was seeking one right now.