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    [UnAnswered] Hidden PS3 led lights on a slim help?

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    As i was testing for spots to make a solder point for my ps3 custom led lights i came apon 3 lights that gave a constant power but only came on when it was grounded. the three are 2 blue and one red HIDDEN FROM TOP VIEW of the power eject clip.

    now what confuses me is why are these three led lights here yet never on. i gave preview in the video how to make them work but still makes me question. why are these lights here and what are they used for? i do not know if other models have these for i have not took the time to test.

    My only question is, does any one have any idea what these lights where for?
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    probably a humidity sensor

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    i have a feeling it may have had something to do with the the drive. with the combination of leds if could show 1 color for no disc and another color for having a disc inserted. i am going to have a mess around with the leds have 1 grounded so i have a constant color then link the blue led the disc present led to another so the color will change when i insert a disc. i have a feeling this could work without modding anything if there was a firmware update that enabled it

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