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    Unhappy [UnAnswered] Help me on updating PS3

    I download the 1.51 upgrade file to update my PS3, but when transfer the file to the harddisk, there is a error 67%, and the system broke down, and i restart it manually, and it can not start at the first time, and i restart again, it can work. So i gave up tp upgrade, and try to install Yellow Dog on my PS3, i burn a iso DVD, and insert it in to the PS3 (it is power on), but i didn't install bootloader on my computer, so of course it can not work and broke down, i restart it manually, but it can not work, the tv said there is no signal, but the power light is green.

    so, please help me!

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    i dont if this will help but its worth a try when u turn your ps3 on keep your finger on the power button till it beeps a second time then let go and i think it restores default settings and see if it works

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    Im not sure that he actualy bricked his PS3. Without the bootloader then no changes were actualy made to the system. Also he did not succesfully download the firmware upgrade (If I understand you correctly) It wasnt installing at the time.

    The 2 beep power reset should do the trick.