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    [UnAnswered] Help with hooking up hdmi to ps3


    i recently got a new 42" lcd hdtv widescreen tv (magnavox) and im wondering how to hook up the hdmi cable and how to set it up. i am completly clueless on how to switch it from the standard cables to the hdmi, and what settings i would need after the hdmi is hooked up. i have a 20GB that i got the day ps3 came out and i believe the tv is 1080i... if any body could help i would relly appreciate it. Thanks!

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    standard cables to the hdmi
    I don't what you mean by that but what you need to do is look a the panel where everything plugs into your TV and see if you see something that looks like a skinnier, but wider, USB port, that object is where HDMI goes into your TV.

    If that is there then all you need is a HDMI cable. Else, you then you need HDMI cable and a DVI converter. After the two ends are connected you start your TV and go to the respective input (HDMI-Input or DVI-Input) and then hold the PS3's on button for a few seconds till you hear a second beep. This is the simplest and most basic way to hook high definition cables to your television. If all else fails buy some component cables.

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    speaking of which, I really don't like how you have to change the setting everytime you use a different connection for the video. It should be something of a auto detect kind of thing.

    Like when I use Standard RCA on my tv it show up fine. But when I move it to the living room where the HDTV is which has HDMI, I need to run it in standard then go to the display setting to set it to HDMI before it'll show in the HDMI input on the TV. It would be best to auto detect what is attached instead.

    SO when I move it back into my room, I'll have to change it again before I turn it off. Otherwise I won't see it on my TV.

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    Step 1 connect hdmi to ps3 and tv step 2 change output on tv step3 turn on ps3 ...your done.